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How to Market Your Trucking Company

Any successful strategy on how to market your trucking company starts with understanding what you have to offer and your prospects’ needs. After all, you have a freight carrier service that your brokers and shippers want, but before you can sell it, you need to prove its value. That means ensuring you have enough marketing materials and efforts in the works to attract more business. Finding the best way to market your business isn’t simply writing out a list of trucking company marketing ideas. Instead, it’s a well-thought-out process that includes finding your niche as a transportation carrier, generating awareness of your company, getting prospects to consider your services, and convincing them to give you their business. Fortunately, you can do all the above by following these must-have steps.

1. Launch a Live Site for Your Company. 

websiteKnowing how to market your trucking company must include understanding and establishing a site where you can showcase your services. Remember that online is where most shippers start when looking for the best carrier to move their freight. So your primary website pages and other online media are where your essence must live. Every single trucking company should have a website. Do not fall victim to the belief that your Facebook or Twitter profile is sufficient. You need a website for your trucking company. 

Spin up an Easy Website With CarrierSource in Less Than 24 Hours!

2. Collect and Respond to Reviews of Your Services. 

Reviews are critical to every purchase on the planet. According to research, shared by GlobeNewswire, 90% of all people check online reviews before making a purchase. This includes brokers and shippers looking for their next carrier! In addition to having a website, you must ask your customers for reviews of your business, and to ask them for reviews, you must have a place to collect those reviews. CarrierSource carrier profiles provide a simple, fast, and free way to collect, view, and respond to reviews for your trucking business.

3. Update and Check Your Online Directory Profiles.

There are dozens of possible directories on the web, ranging from Google to Yelp and beyond. Regardless of what platforms are believed best, you need to be consistent and have a quality profile. You should also target the directories specific to your industry. For example, CarrierSource is a carrier-specific directory that shows assets, records, and reviews for trucking companies. Yes, other profiles can work, but you definitely need your CarrierSource profile more than any other! 

You can start by learning how to claim your free CarrierSource profile too, but there’s three more steps to consider.

4. Get Active on Social Media. 

social mediaA critical factor in understanding how to market your trucking company revolves around social media. Social media marketing is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and value because it's a virtually free path to reaching more potential customers. However, getting active on social media isn't solely about posting content. Instead, it's a complex process where you engage with others' posts and content. Leave comments. Like posts. Be more than a shadow. And if you're unsure, remember that there are agencies that can help you achieve these goals.

5. Remember the Value of In-Person Networking. 

Another fabulous marketing opportunity includes attending conferences and getting engaged in local events. This supports the industry community, and you should consider joining relevant organizations, associations, or groups. For example, consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce, and find out if there are any trucking-related organizations in your area. Getting your brand in front of prospects in both the virtual and physical world is crucial in successfully learning how to market your trucking company and ultimately finding truck loads.

6. Consider Strategic Outsourcing.

Ask yourself, “what should I do strategically to learn how to market a trucking company?” That means assessing your costs and plans. The simple reality is that many can and do outsource marketing for trucking companies. But not all marketing agencies are created equally. Even if you have a plan and want to work with a given company, it’s essential to consider their expertise and ability to deliver. 

This includes recognizing how large you want your online presence to be, whether a single site or a more extensive build will be necessary. For those with established customers and a growth plan, a single site may be appropriate. Meanwhile, building an entire blogging strategy may take more time, energy, effort, and expertise. 

Streamline Marketing for Trucking Companies

While you can start by claiming your free CarrierSource profile to have an online presence, signing up for a premium subscription is the best way to streamline and access your target market for new business without needing advanced website skills. CarrierSource is a complete and simple marketing plan for trucking company success, especially for those with limited resources. Why are you waiting? Sign up for your CarrierSource account today.


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