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An interview with a freight broker

We sat down with Ross Miller, a Carrier Sales Sourcing Specialist at a major brokerage, to understand how he utilizes CarrierSource.

How can a freight broker use CarrierSource? Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 4.48.17 PM

As a sourcing specialist, a significant portion of my day is spent trying to find carriers who fit the requirements of the load I'm booking. CarrierSource provides a one-stop shop solution where I can prospect, take notes, check safety scores, and read reviews on every government registered carrier. The carrier list feature allows me to bookmark my favorite carriers so I can easily find them in the future.

What is your favorite feature on CarrierSource?

The best part about CarrierSource is the reviews. Prior to CarrierSource, I had nothing but blind hope that the carrier I hired would get the job done well. Now, I can read verified reviews from other freight brokers who have already used the carrier I'm prospecting, giving me the confidence that I'm choosing the best person for the job. 

The ability to read a review before making a phone call is like having a hot lead. For example, if the review shows the carrier ran Chicago to Houston and it's positive, I'm going to call that carrier and offer anything I have from Illinois to Texas. Having prior knowledge of lanes they have already run successfully gives me a competitive edge and betters my chances of closing on the first phone call.

How frequently do you use CarrierSource?

I'm on CarrierSource daily. It's the easiest and most comprehensive database of all carriers and my job would be much harder without the ability to use the free search tool. When I'm looking for a carrier, I can search CarrierSource by name, city, zip code or docket number, ensuring I'm always able to find the best company to move my freight. 

What did you switch to CarrierSource from? How has it changed your day?

Before CarrierSource I used Carrier411, Safersys, and countless spreadsheets. It was hard to navigate, time-consuming, and overall detrimental to hitting my quota. CarrierSource enables me to keep all my information in one place, significantly increasing my productivity by allowing my focus to be on successfully booking loads. 

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