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610 Carriers Flagged for Double Brokering

**If you're a returning reader, we've listed the newly flagged double brokers since our last list release (April 1, 2024) separately below**

Double brokers harm all sides of the industry by directly impacting the broker's bottom line and creating systemic distrust between brokers and carriers. To help combat these bad actors, we put together a public list of the 610 active carries that have been flagged for double brokering by brokers and shippers using CarrierSource. 

When a double broker succeeds, everybody else loses. We release this list to make brokers and shippers aware of the carriers that have been reported, and to empower the best carriers to rise to the top. Sign up for a free CarrierSource account to get notified of new double brokers monthly.

Pulled at midnight on April 1, 2024, this list contains every carrier that’s been flagged for double brokering based on 65,000+ authentic and verified broker and shipper reviews on CarrierSource. To be included, a carrier needed to have at least 1 verified review from a broker or shipper on CarrierSource reporting that they were a double broker.

Are you a carrier on this list and believe you should not be? We want to talk to you! Claim your free CarrierSource profile to report the review here and/or email

New Double Brokers Flagged in April, 2024


Full List of Double Brokers 


Our moderation standards and practices
We take moderation of our reviews very seriously as we want to ensure that our site is the #1 trusted resource for carriers in the world. Part of that moderation process includes a) confirming that the reviewer is who they say they are and b) confirming the reviewer worked with the carrier. Our team reads every single review before it gets posted to ensure we can do both of those things. All that being said, since a human does read every review, there is occasionally an error, which is why we invite the logistics community (such as yourself) to flag reviews they think are fraudulent so we can take a closer look. 

Know of a double broker that is NOT on this list? Take a minute to review them here and, if approved, they’ll be listed on next month’s release.

More about CarrierSource
CarrierSource is an online review marketplace focused on bringing trust and transparency into logistics. With their platform, CarrierSource is empowering brokers and shippers to source and vet carriers based on the opinions of their peers. In turn, carriers of all sizes can gain trust with their customers by allowing them to collect honest, verified reviews about their services. 

Our team is committed to helping brokers and shippers find the best carriers to move their freight. In addition to this “Flagged Double Brokers” list (which we'll release monthly going forward), our team built additional tools to help you consistently find top carriers. We’ve implemented a system that flags when a carrier has the same phone number or physical address as another carrier in the database. This flag is publicly displayed on every carrier profile it applies to. Another recently released feature is Lane Search, a tool making it easier than ever to find exactly who you need, when you need them. Lane Search takes all the lane and location information we’ve spent the last few years gathering on carriers, and puts it into an easily digestible format. Free for brokers and shippers, give it a try here.