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Do Truckers Need a Freight Load Board?

A freight load board is an online platform that connects shippers and carriers. The shipper will post any available freight, equipment required to move it, and other relevant information on the load board. The carrier can then browse the online load board to locate viable truckload options for them to carry.

A few alternative strategies to obtain freight loads daily do not require trucking load boards. These techniques will drive traffic to your freight business without having to search through load boards for freight.

Create a Professional Website

Showcase your services and attract direct clients with a professional website. Your website should include services offered, user-friendly features, and be visually appealing. These attributes aid in drawing attention to your brand and effectively gaining business in ways other than an online load board. Industry-specific features, user-friendly functionality, and customizability are all provided through pre-built templates and themes. Instead of relying on a freight load board, you can grow your trucking business with an optimal credit score, putting your brand out there, and claiming your CarrierSource profile.

Leverage Social Media

Frequently, social media is an overlooked tool, especially when considering alternative solutions to finding freight loads on trucking load boards. Leverage social media by building brand awareness and engaging with potential customers. Social media is a free tool and provides real-time results. It would be to your company's advantage to invest in this platform. 

Attend Industry Events

Participating in industry events and attending conferences are filled with fantastic opportunities for marketing trucking companies. Learning how to promote your trucking firm and ultimately securing truckloads depends on getting your name in front of online and offline prospects. Finding transportation load boards worth your time and effort can be overwhelming when searching for freight matching. Unlike truck load boards, networking with professionals and discovering new opportunities is an alternative way to find freight and build a business and brand.

Forge Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships produce advantages and long-term success for all parties. When an upcoming trucking business works with an established brand, i.e., CarrierSource, the business can effectively tap a larger pool of prospects. 

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service should be a no-brainer. Creating happy and satisfied customers is an instant way to gain repeat, long-term customers and referrals. A successful business can be built on referrals, making customer service a top priority. Retain clients and encourage referrals through outstanding support. Investing in your customer-service will allow you to  create a stream of inbound business, rather than solely using  online load boards. 

Utilize Targeted Advertising

Advertising has always been a way for companies to promote their businesses. However, you do not want to just advertise to anyone. As a transportation carrier, you need to target an audience looking for and needing your services. Utilize targeted advertising to reach potential clients and send them to your website and CarrierSource profile through digital marketing channels, not just transportation load boards.

Join Industry Associations

Network development has long been the go-to strategy for established trucking companies to find suitable loads, with long-trusted partners cooperating in win-win situations. It's not what you know but who you know. In fact, the American Trucking Association is a great place to start, and be sure to leverage the power of LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups too! 

Networking is another alternative to truck load boards. Rather than spending all day sorting through posted loads, you can learn from other businesses. You’ll gain insight into what works and where to focus your efforts. And it builds relationships with new people. That’s a win-win regardless of your goals.  Spend some time figuring out the top organizations in your area, nationwide, and worldwide, and JOIN THEM!

Cultivate Repeat Business

Creating repeat business on a transportation load board challenges many organizations. Finding work on load boards for freight is excellent. However, it does not provide a platform to promote your brand and customer satisfaction; it just fills the slots. Foster long-term relationships with satisfied clients by claiming your CarrierSource profile, which creates a place for brokers and shippers to research you, see what you offer, read through customer reviews, and more. Satisfied customers turn into repeat customers.  

Get More Loads With Your CarrierSource Profile and Site!

Finding new loads for your trucks can be an ongoing problem, whether you are new or seasoned in the industry. While truck load boards are a great way to rustle up a new business, it is not the only way. Free load boards will be just a tiny part of your business by integrating professional websites, using social media to its fullest potential, cultivating repeat clients, optimizing search options, and forging strategic collaborations. 

Take the stress out of it and claim your profile today. And be sure to supercharge your opportunity by signing up for a CarrierSource premium subscription!

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