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How to Build a Trucking Company Website Faster & Easier Than Ever

Marketing for trucking companies is a game changer for the industry. With the current economy, truckers find it increasingly more challenging to find loads. Transport Dive reports, "A struggling freight market is squeezing owner-operators out of the trucking industry.”

Having a trucking company website for your trucking business will change this. When looking at using a new business, people instantly turn to the internet for more information. A trucking business website where people can visit, read reviews, and gather more information is in everyone's best interest. 

You can quickly and easily build a trucking business website by launching a live carrier site. This will allow you a one-stop shop to collect and respond to reviews, update online directory profiles,  and streamline business flow. Ensure you select the best platform with security, structure, features, tools, and functionalities to promote growth.

Selecting the Right Platform and Tools

Many factors go into choosing the right platform to build trucking companies' websites. There are multiple options for small trucking company website hosts, such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. While these are great options for some businesses, they do not target the trucking industry. 

Factors to consider when choosing a platform are ease of use, customization options, pricing, and scalability. You can claim your free CarrierSource profile to get started with your customized trucking company website specifically for drivers and owner-operators. 

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Designing Your Trucking Company Website

A visually appealing design helps draw attention to your brand by clearly and engagingly conveying the ideas. Its primary objective is to make small trucking company websites usable.

Pre-built templates and themes offer user-friendly functionality, industry-specific options, and customization capabilities. These customizations will help you find truckloads as owner-operators.

Incorporating essential design elements allows for straightforward navigation and menu structure. These elements provide mobile-friendly designs, high-quality images, and branding elements, which are all vital for a successful trucking company website. 

Structuring Your Website Content

Nobody wants a trucking business website that has you jumping from one page to another, just trying to do a simple task. Organizing content into logical, flowing sections is critical. There are four main sections: a home page, a list of services offered, about us, and contact information. Simplicity, accuracy, and engaging content are crucial. 

Integrating Key Features and Functionalities

Creating a trucking company's website that flows smoothly is the way to go. Ensure that your website includes a simple call-to-action - a way to request a quote with the click of a button. Make this a streamlined process by capturing leads and customer information.

Be sure to include social media links. This increases online visibility and brand awareness, allowing readers to share content and information quickly. 

Ensuring Website Security and Compliance

Choose a trucking companies’ website builder that implements SSL certification, has a privacy policy, maintains clear terms of service, and is compliant with all industry regulations and requirements. You want your information and business to be as secure as possible, with no risk of data leaks or hacks. Software needs to be up-to-date, and strong password policies should be enforced.  

Skip the Headache by Partnering With CarrierSource for a Faster, Easier Website

An online presence is vital in today’s world, where everything is accessible with the push of a button. Consumers want instant results and information. A website is created by selecting the right platform and tools, structuring content, integrating key features, and ensuring small trucking company website security, but why mess with the hassle when you can outsource it for less than the cost of a tank of gas?

Creating your trucking business website is just a click away by claiming your profile now and using CarrierSource’s top-of-the-line website builder. CarrierSource provides a professional and functional website created specifically for the trucking industry.  Sign up with CarrierSource today!